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External Rendering Nottingham & The East Midlands


Part of the installation of a damp proof course involves the replastering of walls affected by ground salt contamination. With our expertise we are able to apply appropriate render and tanking coats to suite a particular situation.


With this knowledge gained over the years we have used our experience and knowledge to extend our range of work to external renders. This has come about when previous clients have asked us to repair/replace defective renderings, which in some cases were only applied four years previously. The main cause of render failure tends to be due to one or more of the following reasons;



Using the wrong type of sand


Using insufficient cement in the render


Applying renders on surfaces not properly prepared i.e. flaking/painted surfaces


Applying render at times when the weather is not conducive to allow the chemical reactions in the cement to work i.e. applied when it is too hot or below 4 C during the day and freezing the water in the render at night


Using only one coat of render




We use polymer renders forming a very hard, resilient external coating which are highly resistant to cracking and bond well between the coats and the original substrate.


External Rendering Guaranteed To Last


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